Our Paraplanning PROCESS

To GET STARTED, we will prepare a CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT and PARAPLANNING SERVICE AGREEMENT for you to sign, and submit to us.

Along with the agreements, you will need to provide us your SOFTWARE ACCESS, and your SOA Templates.

Paraplanning Services Australia
Paraplanning Services Australia

Fill out Paraplanning Job Order request form

Paraplanning Services Australia

To complete your request, email to us the filled out form with the following relevant information:

  • Client Fact Find
  • Risk Profile Questionnaire
  • Adviser Strategy Notes
  • Insurance Quotes
  • Fee Calculations
  • Replacement Product Forms
  • Other Relevant Information
Paraplanning Services Australia

We will give you our estimated turnaround time, depending on the complexity of your requested SoA, and wait for your confirmation to commence paraplanning your requested SoA.

Paraplanning Services Australia

We will closely communicate with you for any clarifications we may need to complete your requested SoAs via chat, email or phone call.

Paraplanning Services Australia

You will receive your document within the agreed timeframe. Your requested SoA will be sent to you in Word format with all associated attachments, meeting your compliance requirements and completed as per your preferences.

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Paraplanning Services

Outsourced Paraplanning

Our Paraplanning services require a process for every Paraplanning Service. Our Paraplanning Service starts with confidentiality agreement and Paraplanning services Agreement for you to sign and submit.
For every Paraplanning Services company, it is required to have a Paraplanning process.